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Become a Member

3C Membership is limited to seniors 55 years of age or older who reside in the Durham Region.  The club offers the following three types of membership:

Full Membership

A full membership is for people who wish to ride with the club, be covered by the group liability insurance policy, attend any social events and vote at annual meetings.


Only full members count toward the number of riders that the insurance company limits the club in having. In the spring of each year, the number of full members returning will be determined. Additional riders can be added at that time to bring the membership total up to the club’s limit.


Deferred Membership

A deferred membership is available to any full member who for medical or personal reasons cannot participate in any cycling activities for that season. The person who defers their membership can still vote at meetings and attend social events but cannot attend any club rides. They are not covered by the club’s insurance policy for that year.

Social Membership

A social member is someone involved in a significant relationship with a full member and wishes to attend social events only. They cannot attend rides and club meetings and are not covered by the club’s insurance policy. A social member could be a former full member who has decided to give up their full membership.

Becoming a Member

Any person wishing to join the club can apply to have their name added to the waiting list. New members are taken from the waiting list on a first-come basis. Prospective new members are given a Ride Orientation before they commit to joining the club.  If you wish to be considered for the waiting list, please send an email to the club’s secretary at the following email address.


Make sure to include your name, address, age, contact phone number, and email address. The secretary will be in contact with you.  Please note that membership is closed for 2023.  Any new member requests will be considered for the 2024 riding season.

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