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Ride Suggestions - A place where we can share favourite rides, either our personal favourites, or for possible addition to the Club ride inventory.  If you have something to add to this page, please email it to with "Ride Suggestion" in the subject line.  Please include as much detail as you can, such as parking availability, type of surface (e.g. paved road, crushed stone, MUP, bike lanes), bathrooms, restaurants, pictures that highlight the route, etc.

October 2020 by Dan Thomas.  Lindsay to Fenelon Falls and beyond.  64 km round trip, but you can shorten the ride by turning around sooner.

This route starts at Old Mill Park in Lindsay and rides north along the Victoria Rail Trail.  It begins with a scenic ride along the Scugog River in Lindsay.  After about 1 km, you'll ride few blocks through quiet streets in Lindsay, where you'll get on the Victoria Rail Trail and head north.  The trail is paved for a few kilometers north of Lindsay and then changes to a well-maintained trail of crushed rock.  Perhaps the smoothest rail trail I've ever ridden on, at least in October of 2020.  As with most rail trails, you'll cross roads with little to no traffic.  The trail is a mix of forested and rural fields.  In Fenelon Falls, you'll cross the bridge over Lock 34 on the Trent Severn Waterway and then ride through quiet Fenelon Falls, staying on the Victoria Rail Trail where it runs next to Cameron Lake.  We did this ride in October and the fall colours north of Fenelon Falls were spectacular.  About 7 km north of Fenelon Falls, we turned around and headed back south, following the same route back to Lindsay.  It is an extremely flat ride, with only mild grades and no big hills.  Here is the route in Ride with GPS and 2 pictures of the view in early October 2020.

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