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3C Bike Clinic

By Elinor Major

I just wanted to say a huge thank you and let you know what a fantastic Bike Clinic the 3C club held this past Saturday.  It was awesome.  So well organized and well thought out. 

Nothing was overlooked when it comes to changing a tire or keeping your bike in good working order.  I like to think I’m a fairly seasoned rider but attending this clinic showed me I could still learn more and a review was even better.  The set-up was great, everyone was able to participate and do their own bike, by changing a tire and a good cleaning of the chain.

Thank you to Roy and Diane, Glenna and Mary, Michael, Nelson and George and to all the others who helped behind the scenes.  And a special thank you to the hosts, George and Carol.

It really shows what a great club this is as we strive for safe and better biking.

See you all on the next ride!

Web editor: A three-page handout was provided, and this was followed by a hands-on bike cleaning session lead by Glenna Christensen with help from Art Lee and Mary Perkins.

The Bike Clinic was well attended again this year with 11 members completing the 3 hour clinic. The topics included:

  • a review of proper bike clothing for comfort and safety.

  • mechanical inspection of your bike prior to a ride.

  • Ontario Traffic Act requirements, eg. for lights and bell.

Each Graduate was presented with a certificate created by Bob Astley’s grand-daughter Carly.

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