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DRCC 2018 Year End Review

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

By Jim Boate

Hello to the Executive and Members of the Clarington Cycling Club. First let us say how much we appreciate your monetary contributions. Although we don’t have a lot of expenses, we do have to purchase yearly insurance and create and pay for a social media presence. Please find below some of the many projects we are involved in either by lobbying with partner groups or on your behalf.

Introduction to the DRCC:    The Durham Region Cycling Coalition (DRCC) was formed in the spring of 2015 by the five major bicycle clubs within Durham Region to give a greater voice to the cycling community so as to effect improvements to cycling infrastructure and the inherent benefit of safer roads. DRCC is actively working with all levels of government to bring about an awareness of the needs of all cyclists whether they be commuters, casual riders, are a mountain rider or avid road cyclists. We need safer roads and better cycling infrastructure. We all have responsibilities while using our roads.

To read the full DRCC report please click here

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