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GWTA 2018

By Jim & Mary Boate

Hi 3C,

First let me say thanks to all the volunteers that made the GWTA 2018 first day afternoon break the success that it was.  Every time we get involved with putting on a lunch or water break I am blown away by the amount of volunteers and organizations that step up to make this the best stop the riders will have while on their adventure journey to the QC border.  Without you this would not happen. Your enthusiasm while at directional turns or manning the break location means so much to the riders as they make their way across our community and I know each and every one of them sends their praise for a great break.

The GWTA organizers also say that when the cycling community of Clarington says they will host a break, they know it will be a 10+ they give a sigh of relief and move on to the next challenge.

Take a look at the list of organizations the helped make this break the success it was

  • Courtice Flea Market                          Ice Cream

  • Enniskillen Gen Store                         Ice Cream

  • Wilmot  Orchards                                 Fresh Blue Berries

  • Algoma  Orchards                                Fresh Apples

  • Archibald  Orchard                              Rider day gifts

  • Brimacombe Ski Club                         Dry Ice

  • Clarington Active 55+                          Sandwich making and site volunteers

  • The Food Bank                                       25 Loaves of Bread

  • Costco Cda                                               Sandwich fillings and Drinking Water

  • OPG-Darlington                                      Power Bars and GatorAid, cans of pop

  • Telecom/Bell                                           Orange safety cones and signs

  • Oshawa Cycling Club                           GatorAid Water Jugs, Caution Cycling event signs

  • OPG-Darlington                                      Sun awning tents

  • Friends of Wesleyville                          Site Location tables chairs table cloths

  • Port Hope Operations                         Port-a-potties Hand-washing station, bike parking

  • Port Hope Tourism                               Port Hope information booth

  • Clarington Tourism                              Water bottles and tote bags maps

  • Clarington Operations                         Direction arrows and signs

  • Share the Road                                        Frog Lites red and white

  • Clarington Cycling Cub                        Volunteers

  • Clarington AT&SRC                                Volunteers

  • Swim Drink Fish                                      Booth

So Thanks again,  Jim & Mary Boate

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