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Second Annual ‘Uxcycle’ Event

By Diane Crooks, reviewed by Margot Dixon

The 3C Executives were approached by the organizers of ‘Uxcycle 2018’, and asked to promote this new local cycling event. Promote it they did, and twelve members of the Clarington Cycling Club registered. The fee was a nominal $20 per person, plus tax.

Two road loops were offered which started and finished in Elgin Park, Uxbridge: a 25 km ride, and a 55 km ride. Most of us elected to do the 55 km loop. (There were also mountain biking loops, family-friendly opportunities, and information tents on many topics.)

We were fortunate to have great September weather for the day. The event was well organized, and started with a welcoming talk, and an outline of how the rides would be started. Maps were provided, the turns along the route were well marked, and volunteers manned several road intersections. There were two refreshment stops with water, bananas and energy bars provided.

Photo Credits: Bob Astley

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