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The B!ke Program

By Roy Crooks

During the summer of 2018, members of the Clarington Cycling Club, the Durham Outdoors Club, and friends and neighbours responded to my request for bikes no longer in use.

I had explained that these bikes would be taken to “B!ke”, the non-profit community bike shop located in Peterborough.  This community resource has a downtown workshop where they teach youth and adults in bike maintenance and repair.  They gladly accept donations of used bikes and parts.

Such donations help to fund their programs, including Youth Earn-a-bike, Adult Earn-a-bike, School Programming and more.  See their website

The photograph shows one of the bike deliveries (of the total delivery of 34 bikes), and the Clarington Cycling Club Executive for 2018.

From left to right: Art Lee, Bob Astley, Glenna Christensen and Roy Crooks.

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